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hearLIFE Clinic DHCCA Excellence Award 2017

hearLIFE Clinic is awarded 1st place in DHCCA Excellence Awards 2017

Two-year-old girl was born deaf and had a cochlear implant put in at the HearLife Clinic in Dubai

February 2015

New Hearing Loss System launched in UAE

 September 2014

New Opening Hours

Auditory Rehab Summer Special

 July 2014

Dubai based clinic receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification

July 2014

Students and Parents at Jumeira Baccalaureate School listen intently to hearLIFE Clinic Presentation

 May 2014

UAE’s first Vibrant Soundbridge surgery

 February 2014

Auditory Rehab Holiday Package

November 2013

Dubai Healthcare City Academic and Research Council grants Academic Permit to the hearLIFE Clinic

July 2013
The Dubai Healthcare City Academic and Research Council has granted the hearLIFE Clinic an Acadmic Permit which will enable the clinic to provide accredited training programs and workshops related to hearing loss.

Khaleej Times – Hope for hearing

April 2013
Experts discussed hearing loss in children can be treated by early diagnosis and finding the most suitable treatment either through hearing aids or cochlear implantation, followed by rehabilitation.

Parents Plus – Mummy I can’t hear you

April 2013
How you can detect hearing loss in your child and what are the common causes?

Gulf News – Early Intervention can treat hearing loss

April 2013
Specialists say quick diagnosis can positively impact quality of life.

Gulf Today - Hearing impairment no longer stigma for today’s youth

March 2013
Today’s hearing-impaired youth find it cool and appropriate to wear devices that would let them enjoy a normal life, observed a Dubai-based audiologist.

The hearLIFE Clinic screens for hearing loss at the DCSN

March 2013
The hearLIFE Clinic performed a collective screening at the Dubai Center for Special Needs (DCSN).

The hearLIFE Clinic partners with Mediclinic City Hospital for exceptional Hearing Implant treatment.

February 2013
The hearLIFE Clinic partners with Mediclinic City Hospital for exceptional Hearing Implant treatment.

New clinic opens in Dubai Healthcare City to treat hearing impairment

April 2012
MED-EL today opened its first hearLIFE Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City. The hearLIFE Clinic will deliver a life-long commitment to patients living with hearing impairments and deafness by offering a full-service solution that includes initial diagnosis, surgery, rehabilitation therapy and long-term aftercare.

Dubai Eye Radio

August 2012
Suzanne Radford and George Stothard talk with audiologist Navid Taghvaei from the hearLIFE Clinic on hearing impairment and deafness in “Eye On Health”.

August 2012

Arabian Woman – Health Story

August 2012

Gulf News – Health Supplement

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