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Hearing Matters, particularly for acquiring speech and language, and for the academic, social and emotional development for children.

With that in mind, we at hearLIFE Clinic strongly advocate for new-born hearing screenings, as well as regular hearing testing for young children. This supports early detection and intervention as a means of not disrupting a child’s development. 

Furthermore, parents play a crucial role in identifying hearing loss in their children, and we would like to help by providing a list of warning signs to look out for during the early years of your child’s development:

How can I observe if my child has hearing loss?

  • At birth to 3 months:
    Does your baby startle when hearing loud sounds, quiets or smiles when spoken to? Does your baby increase or decrease suckling behaviour in response to sound?
  • At 6 months:
    is your baby startled by loud sounds? Does (s)he recognize your voice?
  • At 9 months:
    Does your baby seem to know where sounds are coming from? (directionality)
  • At 15 months:
    Does your child respond to his/her name?
  • At 16 months:
    Is your child saying words like mama, baba, and bye?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, it might be best to perform a hearing test, to determine whether there are any concerns regarding your child hearing or not. Please book an appointment with one of our highly qualified ENT specialist or audiologists.

How to recognize hearing loss in youth and adults?

  • Are you experiencing difficulty in understanding words, especially in the presence of background noise or in a crowded place?
  • Are you having trouble in hearing consonants, such as s,t,k?
  • Do you feel that when listening to someone talk, his/her speech sounds muffled or unclear?
  • Do you find yourself listening to the radio or tv at a volume louder than others?
  • Do you find it challenging sometimes to participate in conversations?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in social settings such as restaurants, parties and large gathering?

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