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You are not alone

Learning that your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss can be a challenging experience. You may be confronted with new situations and decisions. Take heart, you are not alone. Use the resources in your community to help you become familiar with all of the hearing solutions and options that are available. Specialists such as physicians, pediatric audiologists and speech therapists can give you professional advice. A thorough understanding of hearing loss will help you make informed decisions for your child.

Your Child’s Hearing Development

The most critical period for hearing development in a child’s life occurs during the first two years. Children who receive no auditory stimulation during this period will face difficulties learning to speak. The brain’s ability to learn to process sound and develop spoken language decreases after this vital period until about age seven, when learning language becomes much more difficult. A child’s development of speech and language is highly individual. There are, however, milestones for speech and language development that can serve as a guideline for normal development.

Diagnosis of Hearing Loss

In many countries, hospital Newborn Hearing Screening Programs assess the hearing of all infants. This is a short and painless examination of the auditory pathways that is performed a few hours after birth.

My child has a hearing loss – what now?

Perhaps you already suspect that your child has a hearing loss, or maybe your child’s hearing loss was already diagnosed after a Newborn Hearing Screening.

Hearing Loss – What are the options?

If your child has been diagnosed with a hearing loss, your audiologist will discuss the options available for him/her. Depending on the degree and the type of the hearing loss, your child may be a candidate for a hearing aid or a cochlear implant.

Ensuring a Hearing Future

MED‑EL has been pioneering cochlear implant development since the 1970s. Since then, the majority of MED-EL cochlear implant users all over the world have been children.

Kids´ Corner

Cochlear Implant Information and activities for children with hearing loss and hearing impaired children.
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