ENT Consultation & Surgery

If you suspect that you or someone you know have any hearing issues, and have questions about it, our dedicated team will be delighted to support you, and perform all the necessary tests.

After all examinations have been completed, our team will give you a detailed briefing, and recommend the optimal treatment plan to fit your needs.

Our clinic’s highly specialized and internationally renowned ENT surgeons are equipped to perform the following surgeries, using the latest techniques and technologies:

  • Cochlear implants

  • Combined acoustic and electric stimulation implants (EAS)

  • Middle ear implants

  • Bone conduction implants

  • Ear tube insertion (grommets) / Myringotomy

  • Ear drum repair (Tympanoplasty)

  • Middle Ear Reconstruction surgery

  • Stapedectomy

  • Adenoid Surgery

  • Tonsil Surgery

  • Septoplasty – Deviated Septum Reconstruction

  • Treatment of snoring by coblation

  • Aviation Medicine

hearLIFE Clinic Services

Speech Language Therapy

Regular communication and therapy with a speech-language pathologist will help patients to improve their listening skills.



The hearLIFE Clinic is proud to offer the latest technologies and advancements in the field of audiology, following international AUD guidelines.


Vestibular Medicine (Vertigo)

Vertigo, unsteadiness, and imbalance are common complaints in many clinics. Vertigo is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Effective diagnosis and management be...